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Mensagem  diotInin em Qua Ago 03, 2011 2:27 am

Hello. I just backed up Doom last night. There's no need for AnyDVD to be activated. I do have the Full screen and Region 1. DVD Shrink handled this all by herself.Not even a need for dvd43What error are you getting on it?What part of the process is it failing? Initial analyzation/encoding/or burning?I agree with scubabud.Bum disc,but there might be a big batch of them if you got both copies at the same store. I'd take that disc back and get another from a different area of town.You could also disable AnyDVD and try it. Right click on that little fox icon and click disable and give her a go.HP a1118x-b/athlon 64-3300+/BenQ 1650 BCDC/LG 8163B/Modded Wii/Epson-R300 and Ty Watershields!!!


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